Coping With Election Anxiety

                   Written By: Camila Alvarez

We all know that the fallout of this election doesn’t end once the president is elected. If you’re like me, you probably tried to pull an all-nighter on Nov 3rd waiting to see who was chosen as the next leader of this country. Of course, we found out soon into the night that was not going to happen. An election during a pandemic means adjusting to circumstances and being asked to have patience. We’re basically the kids in a divorce waiting to see which parent we’re going to live with.

As someone who is naturally a nervous person, this election has my stomach in knots. Regardless of the outcome, it looks like either side may riot the streets, so what can we do?? We already voted, so this election is out of our hands, but while we’re waiting, here are some things that might help calm your anxiety:

1 – Let it out!!

The worst thing about having anxiety, is keeping it all bottled up inside. You don’t have to deal with this alone!! In fact, we’re all dealing with this together. So SCREAM! Punch a pillow! Talk to a friend! Don’t try to go through this by yourself. 

2 – Take a bath!

Treat yourself to a relaxing tub experience. Grab some bath bomb, candles, and your favorite tunes to get the relaxation started. If you don’t have bath bombs, shampoo makes great bubble bath!

3 – Take a walk

Election time has a way of dividing the country. Go for a stroll around your neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air and remind yourself why you love this beautiful country, and especially, your community. 

4 – Be there for someone else

Caring about others has a way of helping us with our own problems. Maybe you know someone else who is also suffering from election pains or pandemic stress, give them a call and check in on them. It will make you feel better to focus on someone else and be able to help them as well.

5 – Get some rest!

This may be the most important one. Many of us are staying up late into the night, waiting for more election results to come in. A good, full nights’ sleep can ease some of our subconscious pains. When going to bed, turn off all lights and distractions (TV & phone). Allow your mind to be completely at rest and go to sleep hopeful. Most of this is beyond our control and we must not make ourselves mentally and physically sick over what we can do nothing about.

6 – Start a new hobby or pick up an old one

This waiting time can be productive and fun if we allow it to be. Maybe you always wanted to speak another language or play an instrument. Is there a community center in your area where you can pick up sport 1 day a week? Or maybe there is a past hobby you haven’t had time for and should pick back up. Other ideas include: cooking, crafts, gardening, family game night, fitness and exercise, etc.

Well there you have it folks! I hope this little article has helped ease some of your pain and remember, no matter who wins this election, in 4 years we will start all over again.