The Importance of Friendship

                   Written By: Cheeba

We all know how nice it is to have friends. But do we really? In grade school, many of our projects involve making gifts for other classmates. As we get older, we slowly lose touch with our peers, become career-oriented, and can find ourselves somewhat alone. Today I’m here to talk about WHY friendship is so important, WHAT you can do to stay in touch with loved ones, and HOW to make new friends in an ever changing world.

Family is great. They don’t pick you, you don’t pick them, and you’re stuck with each other for life. But what about friends? Sometimes life beats us up, and gets us down. Things don’t feel like they’re going the way they’re supposed to and we get stressed, anxiety, lonely and depressed. You can’t always run to your family, because there could be judgement and you don’t want to worry them. That’s what friends are for. They’re the family you CHOOSE to have. Friends will never judge you, regardless of what you’re going through. They know that if the tables were turned, you’d be right there alongside them. Even if nothing’s wrong, you can both laugh with each other over some ice cream! Friends will always be there for you and not because they have to, but because they want to.

As we get older, we drift apart: we go to school, fall in love and discover new places. How do we keep in touch with the ones who care about us? Many people say social media is the golden key to this success, but I say not so much. Some people are against social media (my best friend has no social online profile anywhere). Some people have social accounts, but they never use them (remind you of anyone?). So what’s the best way to keep in touch with friends? Call me old fashioned, but a cell phone and a gift once in a while feels like the perfect thing for me. Through text, the recipient should already have your number saved, and you can always pick up where you left off. If you’re feeling extra lonely, you can always give them a call! Now personally, I love receiving hand written letters as well as sending them. Even something like a care package! Small gestures can make a big difference, because it feels good to give, and it feels good to get. The love keeps going round and round!

Now, during the age of COVID, it can be especially difficult to make new friends. I recently moved to a new city, and am struggling with these issues myself. Trying to socially distance, while also trying to make a friendship in one meeting? Yikes! In this case the internet is actually extremely useful! I’ve found myself on Craigslist looking for crafts, and found someone looking for a pen pal! This sweet old lady, who also loves crafts, just wanted someone to talk to. Now we go back and forth once a week! I’ve also had success in places like Facebook Groups. You can find people with similar interests, who also need a friend.

It’s funny because in school, professors are often telling us to stop goofing around with our friends and pay attention. Now as an adult, I wish I would goof off more and pay less attention! There’s something about the genuine love & affection from a stranger (with no romantic involvement) that is so special. To be loved & cared for just for being you! I hope this article has sparked some fire in your heart. Whether that means reaching out to old friends, or trying to make some new ones, know that there is always someone out there who cares about you… you just haven’t met them yet!

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