Discover what type of perfectionist you are & learn helpful next steps to getting out of survival mode, avoid feeling stuck, setting healthy boundaries and creating sustainable self care routines.

How burned out ARE YOU?

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and living in survival mode? Or maybe you just feel off balance and struggling to keep up with your TO DO list. Take this quiz to find out just how burned out you are.


Discover your personal habit building style & use it to help you create sustainable habits, navigate your comfort zone, understand how change affects you and never make resolutions again.

Next steps once you have your quiz results:

Join the academy

Freedom Mindset Academy is a 16-week online course that will transform your life from breaking cycles of burnout and perfectionism to developing a healthy self worthiness through sustainable habit building & deep limiting beliefs healing. If you’re looking for a way to get unstuck, ready to exist survival mode, have life balance & time freedom….this is for you!

Listen to my podcast

The Recovering Perfectionist Podcast is a show for those trying to keep up with society’s unrealistic expectations to succeed. The pressure we put on ourselves comes from the need to please others. Finding peace and acceptance in our own imperfections and developing healthy self worth through messy action is what will allow us to break cycles & live in abundance.

Join The Wellness Retreat

Join us on a luxury, all inclusive, transformative experience in the heart of France. Experience guidance, healing and education from 3 expert coaches, enjoy castle accommodations and nourish your body with French cuisine.